Exercise Fitness Services

We start all our clients very gradually and the workouts are fun. The Exercise Fitness Services trainers are experts at motivating you to reach your goals. We bring individualized one on one fitness services directly to you or you can go to one of their training studios.

Personal Training Associates specializes in working with clients who:

1. Do not feel comfortable in a regular gym

2. Have not exercised in some time, or ever

3. Have medical disabilities or other limitations

4. Are over the age of 35

5. Are involved in rehab of some kind

When a personal trainer comes to your home for the first time, or if you schedule an appointment at the fitness studio in Herndon, a full health and fitness assessment will be filled out. Then during a consultation with you, both short term and long term goals will be defined. The trainers are all nationally certified and experienced professionals that will keep you motivated to achieve your personal fitness goals. A Certified Dietitian is on staff to provide nutritional guidance, and a Massage Therapist is available to offer a soothing massage after a workout.

Health and fitness should be a fun and manageable part of everyday life. Our Custom Fitness Personal Training Services prides itself on providing a positive approach to exercise and nutrition, and puts the personal back into personal training. Let’s face it, we all have unique personalities, and can differ in our likes and dislikes and what we are looking for in a health and fitness program.

 You may want to put on muscle, lose pounds and inches, improve your flexibility, regain lost energy and/or improve your cardiovascular fitness, or simply relieve pent up stress. Taking a personal approach to health and fitness instruction is much more than simply showing someone how to use a machine or lift a dumbbell. It is about understanding individual goals and objectives, and putting together a completeBusiness Management Articles, customized plan of action tailored to fit those needs.